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Anne Frank

Monday, July 4, 2011

Holidays: A Special Challenge

Holidays are wonderful, fun, exciting, hectic, miserable, insane, overwhelming.
In other words, a real challenge, especially for those of us who are organizationally challenged.

Cleaning the house, mowing the grass, (raking leaves, shoveling snow), hiding the clutter before letting family and friends inside your house. All of that takes time, energy and planning. Who has energy left over to decorate? Besides, finding where the decorations are hiding is next to impossible. (I know I bought minature flags on sale last year. Now where did I put them?)

So this week's challenge is to locate all those Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July decorations and finally designate a special place just for them.
  • Gather them all together in one place.
  • Sort them out by holiday.
  • Throw away those tree lights that haven't worked in three years. They won't miraculously work this Christmas either.
  • Repair the repairable. Dispose of the unrepairable or the things you don't love. Even if it was a Christmas present from Great Aunt Bea. She probably gave it to you to get rid of it herself!
  • Now go shopping! Look for see thru, stackable bins in sizes to fit your decorations and the space where you will store them.
  • Label each bin. Only one holiday per bin.
  • Stack the bins in order. Which holiday will you decorate for next? Halloween? That bin will be on top of the stack.
Feel better? I sure do. Now maybe next holiday my blog post won't be late because I wasted time looking for those blasted flags!

Happy Birthday, America! May all your holidays be wonderful, fun and exciting! 

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