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Anne Frank

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Do It Already!

Sigh. It isn't the organizing I find difficult. In fact, it's rather fun. Finding that adorable little sewing basket for all my sewing supplies (never mind I rarely sew on a button, or hem anything), or the perfect storage unit for a bedroom closet. Seeing the look on someone's face when they discover how calming a clutter less den is.

No, it's what Weight Watchers calls "maintenance" I dread. You know, what you must do in order to keep off the thirty pounds you worked so diligently to lose. Organizing your home is like dieting. It only works if you change your habits for life.

A place for everything and everything in it's place is the Organizer's creed. Finding that place is our challenge. It's also when we get to have fun (and fight our battles!). However, this is where the maintenance part comes in. The not so much fun part. Someone needs to put things back into their place on a regular basis. And that's the part, I admit, I struggle with.

There are ways to make it fun. Find a basket, box or other container for each member of the family. Set a timer. The person or team that collects the most items before the timer goes off wins round one. Round two is won by the person who puts away the most items. Remember each thing must be in its proper place.
This game can be played even if you are the only player. Give yourself a point for each item put away before bedtime. Reward yourself based on a point system you make up. A manicure for twenty points. Bowl of ice cream for ten. Get the picture?

Taking pictures is a good idea. Before and after. Put up a before picture somewhere to remind you what life was like before you became organized.

Doing a little at a time is the real key to maintaining. Never letting clutter get out of hand or overwhelming us is the only way to stay organized for life. After all, remember what it felt like to live a cluttered, unorganized life? Do you want to feel that way again? So when you feel the urge to let things slide just this once...Resist that urge for a double fudge sundae...umm, I meant the urge to procrastinate and Just do it already!

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