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Anne Frank

Monday, March 7, 2011

My bed isn’t even made yet!

It’s past 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.
I’m still in my pajamas. My empty suitcase sits by the door waiting to go to its home in the storage building. Clean clothes piled on my unmade bed wait to be put away. Undone household chores taunt me. I’m failing as a Flybaby.

Why? Am I sick? Is it the flu? Stomach virus? Spring fever? After two full months of Flying have I given up?

No, life in the form of an emergency with my mother got in the way. I spent a week caring for her and her home instead of my own. Now I’m simply exhausted. Too pooped to Fly.

Life does that sometimes.
Changes our flight plans. Makes us detour from the pathway we’ve chosen.
It doesn’t mean we give up, quit. We simply step back, take time to recharge (as I’m doing on this rainy Saturday afternoon), reevaluate, start over.

Life happens. What is your plan for dealing with it?  
Being organized simply means planning ahead. Anticipating life’s challenges
is a large part of that planning process. An emergency fund for financial emergencies makes sense. So does an emergency plan for keeping your home under control during times when you can’t do it yourself. A household notebook with details of where cleaning supplies are kept, who to call if there’s a plumbing emergency, how to use your washing machine, and other important information is essential. The FlyLady calls it a control journal. Index cards in a well marked box are another way to go. Making sure your significant other, teenager or trusted neighbor knows about (and can find!) it is also essential to keeping your home organized.

Are the people living in your house the only ones with access to it?
What happens if you are on vacation and there’s a problem? Can that trusted neighbor get into your home to take care of it? A close friend? Boss? Once while I was away on a business trip, my teenage son locked himself out. A coworker knew I kept spare keys in my mailbox at work. She came to his rescue but only because I left instructions on where to find them.  

So make a plan and share it with someone you trust.
Never again will CHAOS* reign during an emergency.

Now please excuse me. I'm going to take a nap.

*Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome

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