"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

Anne Frank

Friday, February 4, 2011

CHAOS is Overtaking America

  • Just what is this CHAOS and how did it overtake the strongest nation in the world?
  • Is it run by a sinister international superpower?
  • Do spies lurk around every corner?

Are they hiding in damp basements, or among the outcast THINGS cluttering up our attics, storage rooms, and junk drawers? Did we let CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) into our lives unsuspecting the control it would soon exert over us? How do we stop CHAOS from exploiting us and reclaim our lives?

CHAOS  isn’t a superpower nor does it employ spies, bullies or hoodlums to destroy us. It’s something we do to ourselves by ourselves. It’s letting the things we own own us instead. It’s letting stuff creep into our homes, cars, lives little by little until it suffocates us (sometimes literally). Peter Walsh in his book It’s All Too Much tells of a woman who is killed when the piles of stuff in her home collapse and smother her.

We live in a society which pushes us to buy more, do more, have more. Consumers are needed to keep the economy afloat! Easy credit means you can have it all! Buy in bulk at Sam’s, or Costco and Save, Save, Save!

So if getting all this stuff is easy and having it all is so wonderful, why are so many of us unsatisfied with our lives? Why do we feel overwhelmed, buried alive, suffocated by the very stuff we insisted on having? Could it be that more stuff isn’t the answer? Is less truly more?

An uncluttered life is a happier life
When we dig out from under, clear out the excess and simplify our lives, we have the time and energy to enjoy and appreciate the things (and people) we love the most. A buried treasure i.e.: one packed away, hidden in that damp basement or cluttered attic, is a neglected, unloved treasure. It’s possible someone else will love and treasure it as it deserves so why not give it to that someone? Or maybe it can be recycled into something lovable. Is it more trash than treasure?

Defeating CHAOS
Making the decision to unclutter your life is the first step. Need help? Stay tuned to gain the resources you need to dig out from under and live in the sunshine.

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  1. Great post, Bren! I look forward to reading more.